Our core team brings over 160 years of combined aviation experience: Over 100 years of air carrier experience Over 150 years of general aviation experience Nearly 100,000 hours of combined flight time Every member of our team has earned an M.S., Ed.S, or Ed.D. Over 50 years of university teaching Coordinators/participants in over a dozen major air carrier accident investigations Operational and safety audits of numerous aviation organizations Extensive expert witness background Extensive air carrier management and training including, Director of Safety, Fleet Manager, Chief Pilot, Designated Pilot Examiner, Check Airman, Flight Engineer Authors of 3 aviation books and over 70 peer reviewed manuscripts FAA certifications include ATP, CFII, A&P, DPE, UAS, Ground Instructor and numerous type ratings. Active major airline and general aviation pilots and owners FAA Certificated Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Remote Pilots Please refer to our Services page for a full description of our services and capabilities.

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“The corporate mission of Aeronautica Consulting is to provide our clients with the highest quality professional aviation services to meet or exceed their business goals.  We have assembled a dedicated team of highly experienced - operational, educational and safety experts who strive to establish successful collaborative relationships with our customers.”